Coffs Harbour Strategic Therapy Program for Controlling Addictions and Dependencies


Addictions in the modern world

What we can potentially become addicted to has evolved in our modern world. Most people tend to think of drugs, alcohol, nicotine and sugar as being the main substances we become addicted to. Due to the evolution of technology in the world today several other addictions have become prevalent. These include addictions to social media, gaming and porn. These latest addictions have come about with the ease of which we can now access these things on our mobile devices. Some of the statistics around addictions in Australia are as follows-


Smoking - 11.2% for Australians aged 15 and over – 2019. 1

Alcohol accounted for over 74,000 (53%) drug-related hospitalisations in 2019-20. 1

Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in Australia – 11.6% in 2019. 1

Social media - In January 2021, almost 80 percent of the population were active users compared to just 58 percent in 2015. 3


The definition of addiction or dependencies is a condition in which a person is unable to stop using a substance or engaging in a behaviour. 2





 "The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are" ~ Unknown

Understanding your addiction and dependencies

Strategic Therapy looks at everything as a process. With Strategic Therapy we start to look at what processes are behind the addiction or dependencies. What is the thing you are addicted to giving you that you can’t give yourself? Sometimes we turn to these dependencies to avoid certain emotions such as boredom, stress, anxiety, frustration. The good news is, by looking at the processes that are running, we can identify the skills gap that is contributing to the addiction or dependencies.


Throughout the sessions you will start to gain a real awareness around the addiction or dependency. If you think of your addiction as a branch of a tree, if we only deal with that addiction or branch of the tree, what normally happens is we transfer the behaviour to another addiction. I am sure you have heard of people who give up smoking saying they put on weight as they have transferred the behaviour to food. With Strategic Therapy we get to the root of the problem  so this behaviour doesn't transfer to another substance.

Benefits of Using Hypnotherapy in Addiction Treatment

The great thing with hypnosis is it helps these new strategies become part of your new default process much quicker. Hypnosis can really sink these new strategies into the unconscious mind. With hypnotherapy we ramp up your leverage for giving up, these are what you determine are the negative aspects of the addiction or dependency. We also ramp up your positives for giving up. Hypnotherapy helps bring to front of mind the things you need to keep you on the path you want for your future.


The main feedback clients give is that the new strategies tend to pop to the front of mind. Hypnosis helps fast track the strategic therapy. This takes away the route learning you would normally have to do, by consciously practising it repeatedly, like when you learnt your times table as a kid. 


The other most common feedback I get is that clients feel really relaxed at the end of the session. The last twenty minutes of the session, is the hypnotherapy part of the session where you just get to sit back, relax, close your eyes and just listen.

How does Strategic therapy combined with hypnosis help with addictions and dependencies?

As the sessions are completely tailored to you, all the strategies we use are specific to what is driving the addiction or dependency for you. If you think of addiction or dependencies as having pillars holding them up, Strategic Therapy aims at knocking over each of these pillars until the addictive behaviour falls over.


This is a practical therapy where you work todays changing the patterns and behaviours your mind has defaulted to over the years to new patterns that give you back control of what goes on in your head. Clients find this therapy very empowering and the most common phrase in their testimonials is about taking back control.

What people are saying about Strategic Therapy...

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Sue said

She has helped me to let go of things that I can’t control and concentrate on things I can control and build on that in my daily life.

Wendy said

Lara has given me tools to use for when life becomes trying.

Sheryl said

I have also learnt new tools and strategies to make the

choices I want to make and live

with the outcomes.