Coffs Harbour Strategic Therapy Program for Controlling Stress and Anxiety

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Anxiety and stress in the modern world

The world we live in today has become busier and busier. We are constantly trying to juggle work, family, friends and home life. Add into the mix social media and ever evolving technologies, our workdays have become longer. In todays world between being able to access our emails out of hours and constantly receiving notifications we are never really switching off or unplugging from our day. For many of us this is contributing to more and more stress and anxiety.

Both stress and anxiety are perfectly natural feelings for us to experience but when they start to interfere with our daily life they  start to impact our mental and physical wellbeing.

Symptoms of anxiety and stress can include but are not limited to digestive issues, lack of sleep, irritability, headaches, feelings of overwhelm, changes in appetite and increased heart rate. If these are experienced over longer periods of time they can have serious impacts on our health.

 "When you shift your internal story, everything on the outside will change" ~ Britney Carmichael

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 Understanding your anxiety and stress

Strategic Therapy looks at everything as a process. To be able to run anxiety or stress there are a series of processes you need to do both physical and mental. Our body does certain behaviours, for example our breathing increases, maybe we get tension in our shoulders and our mind runs certain thought patterns.  Overtime our brain has learnt to do these particular processes very well. The good news is by looking at the processes that we are running we can identify the patterns that are contributing to the stress anxiety and learn strategies to break and alter these patterns.


Throughout the sessions you will gain an understanding of the different processes that contribute to your anxiety or stress. Then you get to learn to change these patterns and processes. You will be taught strategies and how to link the tools and resources you already have back to conquering your anxiety and stress.

Benefits of hypnosis with anxiety and stress

The great thing with hypnosis is it helps these new strategies become part of your new default process much quicker. Hypnosis can really sink these new strategies into the unconscious mind. Hypnotherapy helps bring to front of mind the things you need to keep you on the path you want for your future.


The main feedback clients give is that the new strategies tend to pop to the front of mind. Hypnosis helps fast track the strategic therapy. This takes away the route learning you would normally have to do, by consciously practising it repeatedly, like when you learnt your times table as a kid. 


The other most common feedback I get is that clients feel really relaxed at the end of the session. The last twenty minutes of the session, is the hypnotherapy part of the session where you just get to sit back, relax, close your eyes and just listen.

How does Strategic therapy combined with hypnosis help
sufferers of anxiety disorders?

If you think as all the anxiety processes you run as pillars, Strategic Therapy combined with hypnosis works on knocking over each one of these pillars. In essence as each pillar is toppled then the roof which is your anxiety can no longer stay standing.


This therapy is a right here right now therapy, focusing on how you do your anxiety in your current everyday life. Each session is tailored to you, incorporating tools, resources and interests you have in other areas of your life and incorporating them into the strategies as well as teaching you plenty of new ones. 


This is a practical therapy where you work on changing the  patterns and behaviours your mind has defaulted to over the years to new patterns that give you back control of what goes on in your head. Clients find this therapy very empowering and the most common phrase in their testimonials is about taking back control.

What people are saying about Strategic Therapy...

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Sue said

Lara has helped me with my

work life, getting some mental balance and letting me  know

that I have choices.

Kelly said

After the first appointment with Lara, I knew she was going to be able to teach me ways to deal with my anxiety and help me take back my control over my thoughts and feelings.

Leigh Ann said

Lara helped me to

understand and control my unremitting anxiety through

three sessions online.