Low Self-Esteem Strategic Therapy Program in Coffs Harbour to help with Mental Health


Low self-esteem in the modern world

Low self-esteem is a very personal one for me, as I suffered with it for most of my life. People that we least expect can suffer with low self-esteem. They can seem confident in one aspect of their life or get very good at putting up a front. On the inside though there can be a constant dialogue of self criticism and self doubt. Fear of judgement was another biggie for me , always worrying what people thought of me and consistently people pleasing.

Strategic therapy along with hypnotherapy have been absolute game changers for me. Not only did it help me understand the processes I had to run to do low self-esteem but taught me better strategies. It showed me all the resources and tools I do have and how to use them to overcome my low self-esteem beliefs.

The Mission Australia's 2021 Annual Youth survey stated 47.2% of young females were extremely concerned with body image 1

Even back in 2016 Huffpost stated 4 in 5 women had low self esteem 2

1 https://www.missionaustralia.com.au/what-we-do/research-impact-policy-advocacy/youth-survey

2 https://www.huffpost.com/archive/au/entry/four-in-five-australian-women-have-low-self-esteem_a_21443099

"It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves" ~ Sir Edmund Hillary

 Understanding your low self-esteem

Strategic Therapy looks at everything as a process. Some of the processes can include but are not limited to having an unrealistic self assessment. People with low self esteem tend to under estimate their skills, achievements and resources and judge and criticise themselves too harshly. Critical voice can be another major process people run contributing to their low self-esteem. Internally putting themselves, talking to themselves in an unkind manner. 

When people have low self esteem they tend to be people pleaser and find it hard to say "no". This can lead to over extending themselves and taking to much on. Fear of judgement can be another factor along with avoidance of conflict. By understanding the process contributing to the your low self esteem or lack of confidence we can teach to strategies to break these thoughts, behaviour and patterns of action.

Benefits of hypnosis with low self-esteem

Together we can work on instilling you with more confidence. Just Breathe Wellness can help you learn to become more comfortable with yourself and to start to accept you. Together we make a treatment plan with strategies to help you disrupt those old patterns. When these strategies are delivered through hypnotherapy they sink into the unconscious mind. Hypnotherapy helps them become part of your new default process.  These new strategies tend to pop to the front of mind. People don't have to work as hard at trying to remember the new process or strategy.

How does Strategic therapy combined with hypnosis help
sufferers of low self-esteem?

If you think of low self esteem having many different pillars holding it up, Strategic Therapy combined with hypnosis works on knocking over each one of these pillars. Once all the pillars topple you can come out from under that umbrella of low self esteem and start becoming the person you want to be.

This is a practical therapy where you work towards changing the patterns and behaviours your mind has defaulted to over the years to new patterns that give you back control of what goes on in your head. Clients find this therapy very empowering and the most common phrase in their testimonials is about taking back control.

What people are saying about Strategic Therapy...

Sue said

Lara has helped me with my

work life, getting some mental balance and letting me  know

that I have choices.

Kelly said

After the first appointment with Lara, I knew she was going to be able to teach me ways to deal with my anxiety and help me take back my control over my thoughts and feelings.

Leigh Ann said

Lara helped me to

understand and control my unremitting anxiety through

three sessions online.