Did you know gratitude can elevate your mood?

With the recent events in the world, it is easy to stay focused on the things that we feel have been taken from us, the things we wish we had or remembering a better time.

I too am guilty of falling into this mindset, focusing on the negative. When we give airtime to these negative thoughts, following in very close behind come those negative feelings, sadness, anxiety, frustration, disappointment. After all where our thoughts go our emotions flow.

I teach gratitude a lot in my yoga classes and when you introduce it into your morning ritual it can be a game changer.

Two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

What if next time you find yourself in this negative headspace you think of 5 things you are grateful for?

Go ahead and try it now.

With each thing you think of notice the changes in your body. Can you feel the positivity surging in? Maybe a small smile starts to appear on your face. Notice how the space around your heart feels.

Now notice your mood. It has elevated, right?

Imagine starting everyday like this. Starting each day from a place of positivity.

Try it for a week. Each morning when you wake up think of 5 different things you are grateful for. You might even be surprised once you start practicing, how many things you truly have to be grateful for.

From my grateful heart to yours