Do you want to take back control with 3 simple questions?

Last week was a tough one for me. I found myself spending a lot of time questioning myself and my business.

What if I fail?

What if I can't grow my business to the point I need financially?

Have I made the right decision to go down this path?

Like so many small businesses, Covid has made it unusually tough. It is easy to fall into the not fair headspace and to start expect the worst outcomes.

As I sat trying to read my book on this particular morning my thoughts kept drifting to all of these negative things.

Then I remembered what Gordon Young from said to us in the NLP Masters course.

So I sat up straight, took a deep breathe, took in the sunshine and the glorious day around me and asked myself these three questions -

  1. What can I control?

  2. What can't I control?

  3. What can I do about what I can control?

And when I asked myself these questions I realised I was spending all my energy and thoughts on things that were outside of my control.

Then when I started thinking about what I could do in the areas within my control, a weight lifted off me. There are lots of things I could keep working on in my business and sharing this strategy with you all, was one of them.

Now I feel back in control, productive and determined.

Next time your thoughts feel out of control try asking yourself these three questions and take back control.

From my heart to yours