How to get yourself out of overthinking and over analysis

I used to be a repeat offender when it came to overthinking and over analysing.

I could spend days stewing over things or replaying a conversation in my head.

I truly believed that if I was thinking about a problem then I was working on the problem.

This would leave me feeling exhausted and tired and still very much in the problem.

Then I learnt the difference between useless over-analysis and useful analysis.

So how do you know whether your thinking is useful or useless?


Useless analysis is when our thinking leads us back into the problem. It is like we are on a permanent loop, going around and around in the problem. It feels like our thoughts are stuck on repeat.


Useful analysis is when our thinking leads to us to a decision, an action or a solution. This type of thinking leads us out of the problem, it takes us out of the loop.

So next time you find yourself stuck on repeat ask yourself is this thinking, leading you back into the problem or out of the problem? What can you do to reach a conclusion or what action can you take? The world around us doesn't respond to our thoughts but it sure does to our actions. Action is how you take your power back.

From my heart to yours