How understanding the choice, can give you back your power

Have you ever felt stuck? Stuck in a job, stuck in a relationship, stuck with the end of the stick you don't want.

When we feel stuck, we feel helpless and disempowered.

The truth of the matter though, is that everything in life is a choice, well except breathing.

In reality when we feel stuck it is usually because we don't like the choices presented to us.

For example when we feel like we have to work the fact of the matter is we choose to. Sometimes we choose a job we don't like over unemployment and financial stress. Life is made up of constant decisions and we weigh up the options and choice the best alternative at the time.

The other area where we always have choice is how we respond. So even in a situation where we feel stressed, annoyed or even angry we can ask ourselves

How am I choosing to respond?

When we give ourselves options and recognise the choices in the situation it can change our state of mind. With choice comes a sense of control. It puts us back in the drivers seat of the situation.

So next time you feel stuck ask yourself

What is the real choice here?

And remember

"Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make, makes you" ~ John C. Maxwell

From my heart to yours