Is focusing on your goals leaving you feeling unmotivated and struggling to keep a positive mindset?

The last few weeks I have found myself feeling unmotivated and falling into a negative mindset. The challenges of operating through Covid, like for so many businesses, have definitely set back time frames and growth.

Then I realised something, I had become really goal focused.

Don't get me wrong, having goals is a good thing. It gives you direction and something to work towards.

However when we become solely focused on the goal it can leave us feeling unmotivated, frustrated, unenthusiastic and more.

Sometimes we also attach conditions to the goal. I will be happy when... or I will have succeeded when...

When you start attaching conditions to the goal it can start to make the journey feel like a real challenge. The longer the time to reach the goal the harder it becomes to keep up the momentum and the motivation.

Then I remembered the title of one of the first meditations I published, "Enjoy the Journey" and I realised that's what was missing.

I had become so focused on the goal and reaching the goal, I had forgotten to enjoy the journey along the way.

The funny thing with goals, is that often after reaching the goal, we immediately set a new one. Sometimes not even taking the time to celebrate the achievement.

After all, when we look back on our achievements its the effort we put in to achieving the goal we remember, more than the actual goal.

That's why it is so important to enjoy the journey. When we enjoy the journey, we can be more present., more in the moment. With joy in the mix, we tend to bounce back quicker from any set backs we get along the way. Being more present and opening our minds invites more creativity, helping us with new approaches to our goal and the ability to problem solve more effectively.

So my gift to you, to always remember to enjoy the journey, is this free guided meditation.

You can listen to this meditation on Insight Timer - a free meditation app by clicking the link below


Click this link to listen to it on my website - just scroll down the on the homepage and click play on the Enjoy the Journey free meditation