What if changing your definition of failure takes away the fear?

Most of us from the moment we start school, start to learn the concept that failure is a bad thing. After all exams are pass or fail, when we play sport we win or lose, when we go for our driving license we pass or fail. Our relationships are labelled a success or failure, the same with work projects or businesses we run. Everything seems to thrive on this concept of success or failure. This all all nothing concept around failure is often learnt quite young and stays with us for most of our life.

It is no wonder, with having only two options, we an begin to fear failure!

As this fear of failure grows it can start to impact the decisions we make. People make decisions based on avoiding situations where failure is a possible outcome. We start to operate only within our comfort zone, always playing it safe.

The downside with always staying inside our comfort zone is we don't get to personally grow, learn and evolve.

What if you changed your definition of failure to mean feedback?

Think of time you consider you "failed" at something. Ask you self these questions around the perceived failure -

What lessons did I learn from this?

What positives could I take from this?

What would I do differently next time?

If we start to think of each failure as a tweak, an opportunity to modify or change the process or strategy, how much lighter does that feel. We are all just learning along the way and feedbacks from our failures can be life changing.

I started my working career as a tax accountant. I could have seen my exit from the accounting world as a failure but each failure in my life brought me closer to understanding myself and my passions. Now I get to empower people through yoga, meditation, strategic therapy and hypnotherapy. I get to do stuff that makes my soul sing.

I am truly thankful for my failures.

Don't keep your world black and white with the concept of success or failure. Open yourself up to the rainbow of colours in between.

Change your failures to feedback and become curious about where they start to take you.

From my heart to yours