What if you could change the emotional intensity of a memory by introducing a new soundtrack?

Quite often how we think our future will be, is greatly dependent on how we perceive our past. So our memories of the past can greatly affect our attitude towards the future.

Overtime our memories can change, everyone has bad memories that have faded or good memories that have been reinforced over time. Our brain naturally does this for most memories to keep us mentally healthy. However, it wasn't the time passing that changed these memories but how we think about the memory, or our perception of the memory.

Now changing how you think about a memory can take a great deal of time and effort.

What if I could show you a way to change how you think about a memory by using music?

This technique works for low to medium intensity memories. More traumatic memories will require a range of techniques to eliminate the emotional loading attached to them.


  1. Think of a negative memory, nothing too big to begin with. Start with something simple, maybe a time you felt disappointed or embarrassed. Make sure it is a specific, real event from your past. As you are thinking of this particular memory start to bring in the details, the sounds, the images, any feelings in the body associated with it.

  2. Play a movie of that negative memory in your mind. When you have finished playing the movie give it an emotional rating out of 10.

  3. Now select a piece of theme music for your movie. It should be a complete mismatch to the scene in the memory. Most negative memories have a dark feel to them so pick something that is cheery and upbeat.

  4. Now play this music while you replay the memory in your head.

  5. Once you have played out the whole scene. Rewind in the scene in your head and play it again with no music. Give it another rating out of 10 and compare it to the first score.

  6. If the number isn't as low as you would like you can repeat this process to continue to lower the score to a number you are happy with.

This is another Neuro Linguistic Programming technique (NLP) changing your thoughts to change your mind.

From my musical heart to yours