What if you could get that Friday feeling Monday morning?

Imagine waking up Monday morning, knowing you have the whole week ahead of you. Even now as you are reading this some of you can bring in exactly how you feel on a Monday morning. The word Monday morning can be an anchor for many of us.

Another example is when a song comes on the radio and it sends you right back to the event you have linked to it. Even a traffic light is an anchor. When we see a red light it creates an automated response in our body.

I realised that Savasana, the pose we do at the end of yoga is an anchor for relaxation. At the end of yoga participants lay on their backs for 5-10 minutes and I talk them through a relaxation script. Each session of yoga we reinforce this anchor, which is pretty cool. So by just laying in the pose we can instantly bring on those same feelings of relaxation.

What does this mean for you?

Well NLP teaches us a way to use anchoring in a more deliberate way.


Let's anchor happy.

Step 1

Decide what you would like to use as your anchor. I suggest a gesture you don't do often. For example, touching your index finger to your thumb, wrapping your hand around your wrist or squeezing the tip of a finger.

Step 2

Think of a happy memory and yes for some of you that is Friday when you are finishing work. Take yourself into that memory. Really feel the emotion, let that happiness fill your heart.

Step 3

When you can really feel the happiness activate your anchor. Ramp up your feeling of happiness. Once it peaks release the anchor.

Step 4

Repeat steps 2 & 3 with different happy memories to make the anchor stronger.

Now anytime you want to bring in the feeling of happiness, you just activate your anchor.

Have fun making everyday a Friyay day.

From my happy heart to yours