What if you could take that problem from a mountain to a molehill?

Do you find yourself feeling like the problem is all consuming?

Does it feel overwhelming and insurmountable?

What if running a language piece could give that problem the perspective it deserves?

In my NLP Masters course I did with https://iap.edu.au/nlp-master-practitioner/ , we learnt a fantastic Quantum linguistic piece for giving your problem perspective.

I invite you to play along, thinking of a problem now that you want to shrink down in size or something you are done with and want to let go.

Read along first so you know what to expect.

I have recorded this as a video so you can listen along.

First, bring the problem in and give the problem a rating out of 10.


Then think about the problem, everything it is. Notice where you feel it in your body. Keep bringing the problem in and all the thoughts that go with it. Get really clear about the problem.

Now think about everything the problem is...

and everything the problem is not.

Think about everything the problem was...

And everything the problem was not.

Go back to a time before the problem and notice how you felt, before the problem existed

Now go into the future 10 years from now and look back at the problem.

Go all the way up to the moon and look back at the problem, notice the size of the problem from up here

Think about the significance of the problem and the significance of what the problem is not at the same time

Notice what you notice

And notice what you don't notice

Take a look around the room and notice something you haven't noticed before.

Try and bring the problem back in and give it another rating out of 10.

Repeat if the rating doesn't come down as much as you want the first go.

Have fun playing around with this language as you look at the problem from all of these angles reducing it down to a size you can emotionally manage.

From my playful heart to yours