What if changing one word helped you feel less pressure?

The power of words is amazing. Some of the words we use, I like to call weighted words. They come with extra emotional loading attached.

Two of these such words or phrases are should and have to. Whenever we use these words even in our heads we are implying we have no choice. When we don't complete that particular should or have to, we tend to mentally beat ourselves up, we feel bad we didn't complete it, or worse we start to lose trust in ourselves.

If this goes on for long enough, even if the things we said we should do are only small, this lack of trust in ourselves grows. As it grows we start to lose confidence in our ability to see anything through. After all if we couldn't do those 10 small things we said we had to do, how on earth can we trust ourselves to complete anything. Every should or have to we say starts to add more and more pressure.

So how do we lighten the load?

It's simple... change the words.

Change out your should for could, your have to, to choose to.

Try it now.

Say these two sentences and notice the difference with how they make you feel

  1. I should go to the gym

  2. I could go to the gym


  1. I have to go to work

  2. I choose to go to work

When we switch should to could and have to, to choose to, we suddenly give ourselves a choice. Then if we don't follow through it's ok because we chose not to. No guilt gets loaded on top, we haven't let ourselves down. We simply made a choice.

If you are someone that says should or have to a lot try switching the words out for the next couple of weeks. Notice the changes it starts to bring with it.

Less pressure, less guilt.

Practice this enough and you can permanently change your should to could and your have to, to choose to. When you give yourself back the choice, you give yourself back the power.

From my heart to yours