What if you could turn down that critical voice or change it?

Do you have that critical voice in your head, always putting you down or saying negative things to you?

Is it constant, loud and drowning out the outside world?

Does it leave you feeling tired, exhausted and wishing you could just shut it up?

This exercise helps turn down that critical voice or change it. (As long as you just don't read but actually play along)


First I want you to think of a silly voice. A voice that no matter what it is saying, you couldn't possibly take it seriously. Mine is Pepe Le Pew "Oh wee wee, you are so beautiful". For those of you old enough to remember this cartoon character you no doubt heard that French accent as you read it. Your voice can be a cartoon character, or a squeaky voice, it can have an accent, whatever resonates more with you.

Next I want you to think of a coach or mentor. This person must be someone that would never say anything critical to you. This person could be someone in your life or someone you look up to. Hear some of the positive words they would say to you now.

OK lets start the exercise - please read and play along.

Step 1

Think of a time in your life when you felt really critical of yourself.

Remember what you were doing and how you felt in that moment. If you can't remember details imagine how you were feeling at the time.

Bringing it in means we can fix it.

Now, can you hear the words that inner voice would be saying to you? Again it is ok to imagine what the words would have been if they don't immediately come to you.

Step 2

Bring those words in now. Often it is the same few sentences repeating over and over.

Really bring in those words and on a scale of 1-10 rate how these negative critical words are making you feel.

Really focusing on the words try and work out where they are coming from. Can you put you finger on the spot.


Now, can you make the voice bigger, louder?

You are doing great.

Bring it back to the original size and volume.

OK let's start to play.

Step 3

Wherever you hear the voice, move it to one of your shoulders, so now you can only hear it out of the ear on that side.

Once there, move it down to your elbow. It may even start getting quieter now.

Continue to move the voice down to your wrist.

Then down to the end of your little finger.


Now let's bring in that silly voice you chose at the start. Hear all the words you have been hearing but all in that silly voice. You might even find yourself smiling a little now.


Bring in your mentor's voice. The dialogue will change now. Hear all the encouraging, positive and supportive things your mentor is saying to you.

Move the voice from your little finger to your wrist. Then from your wrist to your elbow.

Lets do a check in - just make sure the dialogue is still all positive. Notice the words, the energy of the words, the support in the words.

If there is anything negative take it back down to your finger and bring in the mentor again.

We want to only have positive, supportive words as we head back up your arm.

Move the voice up to your shoulder and then into your head.

Now it's in your head, turn up the volume!!

Let the mentor's encouraging, positive words fill your whole head. Let them grow and expand so much that they overflow and fill your whole world and spill into your whole life.

With this voice now in your head, how does the negative feeling compare on a scale of 1-10.

Amazing right!


Take a moment to look around the room and notice something you haven't notice before.

Now try and bring back that critical voice. Can you even find it? If you can, how is it different?

Did you follow every step? If you did then you have not only installed a new belief around your critical voice but you have shown yourself, you can control it. Now anytime you want you can decide what to do with that voice, move it, turn it down or change it.

I have also given you this whole exercise in video format below so you can repeat the process if you find it easier to listen and do.

So anytime you hear a negative voice of any kind, whether its angry, frustrated, judgemental, you can do this exercise. With enough practice this whole strategy will become you new natural response.

Sometimes our logical brain takes a while to catch up so please redo if the shift isn't as big as you would like.

I have run a critical voice my whole life and have found this tool invaluable. When you are truly ready for change, that is when the magic happens.

I would really love to hear how well this worked for you. Please reach out on Facebook or messenger if you would like to share, or alternately book a strategic hypnosis session in Coffs Harbour with me directly.


From my heart to yours,