Why Hatha Yoga?

I went to India to learn Vinyasa, the style of yoga where you flow through the whole sequence, transitioning from one posture to another. When I got there we did two sessions of yoga a day, one of Hatha and one of Vinyasa. I had never actually done a Hatha class before then. We had a beautiful teacher by the name of Sarita and classes were at 6.30 in the morning. It was all so new - the style, the idea of holding the positions, it was hot and humid and I was out of my comfort zone the whole time I was in India.

It wasn't until I returned home that my real appreciation of Hatha began. I started to teach Hatha, liking the idea of the slowed pace to ease me into teaching. That was just under a year ago.

So why Hatha yoga?

It slows me down - our lives are so busy and fast its so nice to just slow down. This practice is not about speed, its about focus and really feeling into each position.

It tests my endurance - holding the positions is not always easy, you always have the option to come out. On a personal level though I like the strength and endurance of staying in the positions.

It gets me out of my head and into my body - this is my favourite. I absolutely love the connection back to body. It gets me out of my mind and gets me into my body, understanding what my body needs and the awareness of how each part of my body works and feels.

It gives me time to breathe - that precious gift we all take for granted. Big, beautiful, deep breathes. Allowing the body to relax, calming the mind, bringing any emotions to a peaceful state. Hatha gives you time to really focus on the breathe as you hold each position.

Hatha has grown on me over the year and now I cannot imagine practicing and teaching anything else........well except for Yin, but that's for another time.

If you haven't tried Hatha please give it a go. Slow it all down, connect and... Just Breathe